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Some tips before sending

Your Application

Include relevant skills and experience

Read the person specification carefully and make sure to include all relevant skills and experience.

Show your personality

While academic ability is important you shouldn’t underestimate the value of personality.

Double-check your application

Proof reading applications before sending is essential.

Avoid common mistakes

You should always aim to tailor your skills to the company’s needs,. Aim to adapt past experiences to the role being advertised. .

Lying is another. ‘Employers will check the information that you provide on your application form and may withdraw your job offer if there are any discrepancies,’ . ‘Integrity is vital to employers.’

Sell your achievements

In most cases your application form or cover letter is the first chance potential employers have to get to know you, so don’t waste the opportunity to sell yourself. While following the above advice is a great start, you’ll need to go the extra mile to set yourself above the competition.